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How many people are currently blogging on social entrepreneurship? Not many it seems.

Tom Munnecke's blog titled "What is the simplest thing I can do which will have the maximum global humanitarian uplift?" is perhaps be the closest thing. Thomas Madsen-Mygdal, a self-described "Social Designer & Entrepreneur", has a section covering Social Capitalism, but seems to have sprinkled it with as much purely capitalist stuff as socially-orientated references.

Otherwise, it's pretty much lone entries in the blogs of more conventional entrepreneurs: Loic Le Meur has a a single entry in his "social entrepreneurs" category, featuring Mel Young and their meeting at the World Economic Forum in Davos; Dina Mehta mostly quotes an interesting muse on the evolving definition of social entrepreneurship by Judith Meskill; Rajesh Jain quotes a NYT article that talks about dot-com'ers turning their hands to more socially profitable pursuits; and T Jacobi quotes some right-on stuff about success from Fast Company.
22 Mar, 2004 | social & ethical issues

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