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In November last year, I got a glimpse into a cold, dark, half-rennovated top floor warehouse behind Angel tube in central London. At the time, Jonathan Robinson and Mark Hodge, two young but remarkably accomplished social entrepreneurs, were still in the process of transforming it into their vision: an eco-friendly creative workspace - or "hub" - where social and environmental entrepreneurs could incubate their businesses and rub shoulders with fellow changemakers.

Tonight, at their opening event, the transformation was complete. Desks made from recycled corrugated cardboard, wood-pellet burning stove heaters roaring away, light pouring in from the large windows in the roof, and a rawness and freshness that seemed to reflect the possibilities of what they've created. Their mobile-phone styled charging system for the office space (pay-as-you-go or buy a certain no. of hours' use a month) has still to be proved, but judging by the fact they've already got a number of occupants bedded in, it seems they're on the right track. And if the variety of people there tonight was in any way reflective of what it's going to be like in the future, it's going to be an interesting place to hang out.

The Hub's website is here, and Christian de Sousa's stunning photography tells the story from concept to launch.
03 Mar, 2005 | social & ethical issues

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