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The Summer Burn. Now this is very cool. A mass swap of summer tunes. Sign up to Funjunkie, burn two CDs of your favourite warm-weather music, get instructions on the first day of summer telling you the two people to send them to, and sit back and wait for yours to arrive through the post from the people who've been selected to send a CD to you. I'm in! (Via the quirky Pick Me Up newsletter).
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Don't think, sleep. You can make simple decisions quickly with your conscious mind, but sleeping on it is the best approach for more complex choices, says this article in the New Scientist. (via Rage on Omnipotent)
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Back in 10 minutes. One of my favourite clothes shops in London (which, as it happens, is on the same street as my office) has just opened an online store.
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Lift up your voices.
My bro and his crew been running their Voices club night for a while now, but with their new venue behind Waterloo and with the amazing DJ Mark Seven on the decks, last night's party (and also, as it happens, my birthday celebration) was by far and away the best yet :-)
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Parklife. blowup.jpg Watching Blowup at the Serpentine Gallery in Hyde Park last night. It's the middle of summer, but needed a woolly hat and jumper to keep warm. Only in London, hey?
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Pelting Slowly. My good friend Becky has just started a blog, which, in her inimitable style, features tales of giant puffball mushrooms, herbalism, and preparations for her upcoming three weeks' work in a Chinese hospital.
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Are you normal?. I like this:
“Normal is getting dressed in clothes that you buy for work and driving through traffic in a car that you are still paying for - in order to get to the job you need to pay for the clothes and the car, and the house you leave vacant all day so you can afford to live in it.”
from US comedian Ellen DeGeneres, via Rage on Omnipotent.
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Easy listening. Super-comprehensive list of mp3 blogger sites. (via lifehacker)
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Tarnation soundtrack. The only redeeming feature of the over-hyped Tarnation, which i saw last week, is its amazing soundtrack. There's no album yet, but five of Max Avery Lichtenstein's tracks from the film, including the beautiful and haunting theme tune, are available free to download from the Tin Drum Recordings site. The rest of the song list is here.
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Paris by web. Off last-minute to Paris this weekend, and thought I'd post some of the web sites that have made the whole process super-easy. Booked a hotel through the efficient but inelegant hoteldirect.co.uk; chose a restaurant with the help of The New York Times Paris Restaurant listings, CityNeo (in french), L'Express's "Les bonnes tables a Paris" (also in french) and the Time Out Paris Restaurant listings (the best of the lot); got my bearings with Maporama (though wished the maps were bigger); checked train timetables from the airport to the town centre at the Transilien SNCF site, and downloaded some detailed PDF street maps from RATP.
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TV-B-gone. An american engineer has come up with a nifty way of silencing all those TVs that are needlessly on in public places. Genius.
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Elegant formal violence. My friend David's first solo art exhibition opens today at the Team Gallery in New York. If you're in that part of the world, go check it out!
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Connecting in the city. The social service - a service which aims to get more of london's 7m people talking to each other - seems like a splendid idea. I'm going to check it out.
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You are here.
Went to see this exhibition on the history of information design today at the Design Museum. As the intro rightly pointed out, it's usually when information is badly designed that we stop and take notice rather than the other way round. This, however, was a display of some of the of classics of the last couple of hundred years - from John Snow's 1854 plot of the homes of victims of cholera in Soho, to Dmitri Mendeleev's 1870 periodic table, to Harry Beck's 1933 tube map (arguably the most famous piece of modern British information design).

What is interesting is that many of the best pieces were produced by non-designers: Beck was electrical draughtsman and Phyllis Pearson (the woman who plodded around more than 3,000 miles of london's streets in the 1930s to produce the now ubiqitous Geographer's AtoZ) was a writer and painter for example.

The exhibition was let down a little by the lack of a narrative to tie the different areas of the display together, but otherwise a fascinating afternoon out. Runs until 15 May.
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After hours? I don't think so. Late night drinking in london without the door charge. (via Gridskipper)
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Oasis tents. My friends Mark & Dan have just said goodbye to the corporate world to run their own company, so if you need a Bedouin tent - plus a beautifully decked out Arabian interior - and you're in the South East of England, you know who to call...
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A new year, a new mix. Sultry continental house + techno grooves from my friend Tom in Brussels.
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Of animators and towels. To try to dispel the myth that he spends his days swanning around at home in his towel, my friend Dave has just sent round his latest and v. impressive showreel. I still he think he spends most his days at home in a towel though.
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Going south. My mate Dudley and his girlfriend Venessa have set up a blog that will be chronicling their extended trip around the southern hemisphere. They haven't left Acton yet, but don't let that put you off.
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Social innovations day. The top ten replies from a BBC survey on ideas on how to improve living conditions both now and in the future. Pairing off willing families in different countries to improve cultural awareness is a nice idea; so is 'by-choice' income tax; time-specific marriages is kinda wacky though.
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Idea-a-day. Where ideas are free.
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Internet therapy. Make anonymous confessions. Read what others have confessed. Get scared.
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"Who is their top man?. surely he can pull them together..." wickedly funny-but-serious greenpeace video in which a group of aliens (Eddie Izzard, Jim Broadbent, and Joe McFadden) meet to decide the fate of planet earth.
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Freedom at last. IBM emancipates 8,000 wage slaves.
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Grow slow, grow strong.
"In Finland the temperatures get real cold. During winter it gets down to -45 degrees. Even if you’re a tree, you tend to feel it. When the temperatures hit this low the trees just stop growing. They conserve their energy and just wait for the weather to change.

Come Spring and the warmer weather breaks, they start growing again. This quirk of nature makes for an interesting story. It also makes for strong wood too. Wood that will last longer than wood from faster growing trees found in warmer countries.

Appropriately, it’s this patience that gives the wood its real strength. And sets itself apart from other wood.

We could all learn a lot from a Finnish tree."
from Howies, via ThinkPotential.

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How rich are you?. You may be surprised.
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Itchy feet?. Mine are. Bumper section from the Guardian on moving and working overseas.
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Cheap flights. Openjet is a meta search tool for all those cheap flights i've been making such good use of recently. just a shame it's so darn  s l o w.
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Just emerging. from a two month hiatus involving some fairly fundamental career decisions, a blurry trip to barcelona, a new project at work, a 24-hour flying visit to brussels, a new digital camera, and not enough sleep. not over yet, but i'm surfacing...
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Google-eyed. Google UK news is looking like a real credible alternative to the old Beeb for my daily news digest.
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Email from Nepal. Long been enjoying the BBC's excellent 'expat e-mail' series, but this week's message from Emma Cave in Nepal has perhaps been the most inspiring. Six years spent in Kathmandu working at a travel medicine centre, a circumnavigation of the world in a 35-foot yacht, an adopted 5-year-old Nepalese girl, and now plans to move to Colombo in Sri Lanka... amazing.
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